Custom Android Firmware For Your Phone Or Tablet PC

This Is A Long Overdue Post That Should Have Done Eons Ago. But Never Got Around To Doing It Simply Because Of My Skepticism Towards The Android Operating System Itself. I’ve Always Viewed Android As A Progressive Attempt To Suck People Into A Surveillance Dragnet. With It’s Shiny Features And Ease Of Use Makes It Easier For The Intelligence Community To Build Dossiers On Everyone. Which Is True Because Of The NSA Revelations That Were Released To The Public Domain In June Of Last Year. Showed Me That The NSA And There Five Eyes Allies Could In Fact Tap Into A Targets Smartphone Or Tablet PC With Little Resistance From The User Obviously Not Being Aware It Was Happening To Him Or Her.

Now With A Little Help From The Cypherpunk Community I’ve Managed To Work Out Some Interesting Modifications You Can Make To Your Android Smartphone With Some Custom Firmware Tweaks From Variety Of Independent Developers.


CyanogenMod Is An Open Source Operating System For Smartphones And Tablet Computers, Based On The Android Mobile Platform. It Is Developed As Free And Open Source Software Based On The Official Releases Of Android By Google, With Added Original And Third Party Code. CyanogenMod Releases Are Provided On A Nightly, Milestone, And “Stable Version” Schedule.

Soon After The Introduction Of The HTC Dream (Named The “T-Mobile G1″ In The United States) Mobile Phone In September 2008, A Method Was Discovered To Attain Privileged Control (Termed “Root Access“) Within Android’s Linux Based Subsystem. Having Root Access, Combined With The Open Source Nature Of The Android Operating System, Allowed The Phone’s Stock Firmware To Be Modified And Re-Installed Onto The Phone.


AOKP, Short For Android Open Kang Project, Is An Open Source Replacement Distribution For Smartphones And Tablet Computers Based On The Android Mobile Operating System. It Is Developed As Free And Open Source Software Based On The Official Releases Of Android Open Source Project By Google, With Added Original And Third Party Code.


Replicant Is A Free And Open Source Software Operating System Based On The Android Mobile Platform, Which Aims To Replace All Proprietary Android Components With Their Free Software Counterparts. It Is Available For Several Smartphones And Tablet Computers.

The Name Replicant Is Drawn From The Fictional Replicant Androids In The Blade Runner Movie.Replicant Is Sponsored And Supported By The Free Software Foundation.


F-Droid Is A Software Repository Or  App Store For Android Applications; It Functions Similarly To The Google Play Store, But Only Contains Free And Open Source Software. The Apps Can Be Browsed And Installed From The F-Droid Website Or Directly From The F-Droid Client App. Which is Not Available In The Google Play Store, But Can Be Installed By Sideloading. The F-Droid Client App Will Automatically Update Installed F-Droid Apps. The Website Also Offers The Source Code Of All Applications For Download.F-Droid Does Not Require Users To Register And Flags Up Applications That Contain “Anti-Features” Such As Advertising, User Tracking Or Dependence On Non-Free Software.The Software Running The F-Droid Server Is Free Software, Allowing Anybody To Set Up Their Own Android App Repository.


Helpful Links To Get You Start With Super Rooting And Flashing A New Custom ROM On Your Android Phone

Lifehacker: How To Flash A ROM To Your Android Phone


The Tor Project Blog: Hardening Android For Privacy And Security (Step By Step Details Of Super Rooting And Flashing Android Devices)

Happy Flashing



Crypto Currencies Are Changing The Traditional Methods Of Exchange

If Bitcoin Falls To Zero In Perceived Value Today Or Tomorrow, It Will Still Have Been A Smashing Success: Proof Of Concept That A Non-Government, Peer-To-Peer, Self-Organizing Currency With No Central Authority Can Be Done.

Yes, Some Speculators (“Buy Low, Sell High”) Have Been Hurt In The Ups And Downs Of Bitcoin As An “Investment.” On The Other Hand, Some Have Become Quite Wealthy. And Bitcoin Isn’t Supposed To BE An “Investment.” It’s Supposed To Be A Medium Of Exchange.

And Yes, Some People Who Have Treated Bitcoin As The Medium Of Exchange It’s Supposed To Be Have Been Hurt Also, In Two Ways. Government’s Have Stolen Significant Quantities Of Bitcoin From e.g. Silk Road Customers, And Hackers Have Also Stolen Quite A Bit. Yet For Some Reason I’m Missing The Breathless CNN Coverage Of How The Futures Of The U.S. Dollar (Which It’s Issuer, The U.S. Government, Steals Huge Stacks Of Via Taxation And Inflation) And Of Credit/Debit Cards (Bitcoin Theft Is Small Potatoes Compared To Card Fraud) Are “In Doubt.”

And Yes, Bitcoin Proper Could Fade Away Into Irrelevance As Better, Stronger, Sounder, More Easily Anonymized Crypto Currencies Replace It. Litecoin, Dogecoin, The Upcoming Zerocoin. I Can’t Even Begin To Predict Which Cryptocurrency Will Eventually Become “The Standard” Or One Of A Few “Most Trusted” Digital Media Of Exchange.

What I CAN Confidently Predict Is That Cryptocurrencies Are Here To Stay.

Why? Because They Work. They Serve Several Vital Functions: Not Just Protecting Their Users From Government And Private Thievery, But Also Making “Micropayments” — The Holy Grail Of Internet Commerce In Very Cheap Things — Feasible And Making Borders Economically Superfluous.

Oddly, The Mainstream Media Outlets Themselves Would Be Wise To Look Into Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies Instead Of Indulging Their State-Approved Chicken Little-ism. Newspapers Have Been Bellyaching For Years About How Hard The Internet Has Hit Their Bottom Lines. They’ve Already Turned To One “Aggregated Micropayment” Scheme (Sales Of Advertising At Very Low Per-Impression Or Per-Click Prices) For Partial Relief. Breaking Out Content For Micropayment In Cryptocurrencies, Instead Of Erecting High-Dollar-Threshold “Paywalls” That Few People Are Willing To Climb Might Be The Logical Next Step In Their Economic Recovery Plans.

The Only Entities And Organizations With Anything To Fear From Bitcoin And It’s Offspring Are Governments (Which Rely On The Ability To Tax) And The Political Class (Including Pseudo-”Private” Parasites Who Make Their Livings Sucking Off The Tax Teat). And They SHOULD Be Afraid. Their Day Is Coming To An End.

Link To The Original Article Can Be Found Here —–>

Fact: The Climate Changes Naturally, Not Artifically

Normally I Don’t Touch On Environmental Issues. However If I Do It’s Usually Based More On Common Sense, Real Time Observations Of Naturally Occurring Events. Like Volcanic Activity, Earthquakes, The Constant Bombardment Of Solar Flares And Coronal Mass Ejections On A Daily Basis From Our Own Star. Which Can Ultimately Affect Weather Events On Earth Like Snowstorms, Polar Vortex’s, Thundersnow, Thunderstorms, Droughts, Heatwaves, Rainfall, Tornadoes, Hurricanes And Cyclones.

The Idea Of Man Made Climate Change Is A Well Projected A Fairy Tale Full Of Conspiracy Theories, Rampant Speculation And Scientific Claims That Look More Like A Mere Marketing Campaign To Promote A Wider Array Of Agenda’s That Would Bring More Harm Than Good To Society. However The Climate Is Going To Change And It Is Changing All The Time And There’s Nothing The Human Race Can Do To Stop It.

Greenpeace Co-Founder: No Scientific Evidence Of Man-Made Global Warming

Michael Bastasch (The Daily Caller)

8:46 PM 02/25/2014

There Is No Scientific Evidence That Human Activity Is Causing The Planet To Warm, According To Greenpeace Co-founder Patrick Moore, Who Testified In Front Of A Senate committee On Tuesday.

Moore Argued That The Current Argument That The Burning Of Fossil Fuels Is Driving Global Warming Over The Past Century Lacks Scientific Evidence. He Added That The Earth Is In An Unusually Cold Period And Some Warming Would Be A Good Thing.

“There Is No Scientific Proof That Human Emissions Of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Are The Dominant Cause Of The Minor Warming Of The Earth’s Atmosphere Over The Past 100 Years,” According To Moore’s Prepared Testimony. “Today, We Live In An Unusually Cold Period In The History Of Life On Earth And There Is No Reason To Believe That A Warmer Climate Would Be Anything But Beneficial For Humans And The Majority Of Other Species.”

“It Is Important To Recognize, In The Face Of Dire Predictions About A [Two Degrees Celsius] Rise In Global Average Temperature, That Humans Are A Tropical Species,” Moore Said. “We Evolved At The Equator In A Climate Where Freezing Weather Did Not Exist. The Only Reasons We Can Survive These Cold Climates Are Fire, Clothing, And Housing.”

“It Could Be Said That Frost And Ice Are The Enemies Of Life, Except For Those Relatively Few Species That Have Evolved To Adapt To Freezing Temperatures During This Pleistocene Ice Age,” He Added. “It Is ‘Extremely Likely’ That A Warmer Temperature Than Today’s Would Be Far Better Than A Cooler One.”

Indeed, Cold Weather Is More Likely To Cause Death Than Warm Weather. RealClearScience Reported That From “1999 To 2010, A Total Of 4,563 Individuals Died From Heat, But 7,778 Individuals Died From The Cold.” Only In 2006 Did Heat-Related Deaths Outnumber Cold Deaths.

In Britain, 24,000 People Are Projected To Die This Winter Because They Cannot Afford To Pay Their Energy Bills. Roughly 4.5 Million British Families Are Facing “Fuel Poverty.”

“The Fact That We Had Both Higher Temperatures And An Ice Age At A Time When CO2 Emissions Were 10 Times Higher Than They Are Today Fundamentally Contradicts The Certainty That Human-Caused CO2 Emissions Are The Main Cause Of Global Warming,” Moore Said.

“When Modern Life Evolved Over 500 Million Years Ago, CO2 Was More Than 10 Times Higher Than Today, Yet Life Flourished At This Time,” He Added. “Then An Ice Age Occurred 450 Million Years Ago When CO2 Was 10 Times Higher Than Today.”

Moore, A Canadian, Helped Found The Environmental Activist Group Greenpeace In The 1970s. He Left The Group After They Began To Take On More Radical Positions. He Has Since Been A Critic Of Radical Environmentalism And Heads Up The Group Ecosense Environmental In Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Moore’s Comments Come After President Obama Declared Global Warming A “Fact” In The State Of The Union. His Administration Has Attempted To Argue That The Recent U.S. Cold Snap Was Influenced By A Warmer Planet.

Nuff Said

In A Society That Has Abolished All Adventure, The Only Adventure Left Is To Abolish That Society

The More I Read These Into These Leaked Snowden Documents. I’m Convinced That Society Has Fallen To A Whole New Low And Now It Seems Like More And More Of The Government Is Absolutely Focused On Destroying It’s Very Own People. To Put It Lightly It’s Orwellian And Totalitarian To The Point Of No Return. Even If There Is A Revolution Tomorrow And Governments Are Overthrown. The Same People Who Let These Abuses Occur In The First Place Will Allow It To Happen Again Even After The Facts Are Presented. Because Most People Will Give Their Personal Power Away If They Think It Will Help Gain More In The End. Which Never Happens At All.

Good Example Of That Is The Aftermath Of 9/11 And The Anti Terrorism Legislation That Popped After The Attacks. Which Was A Dagger In The Heart Of Civil Liberties. A Means To Destroy Individual Rights Permanently Without So Much As A Wimper Of Protest From Anyone. Because The Fear Of Another Terrorist Attack That Could Happen Again. 9/11 And 7/7 Was The Perfect Opportunity To Bring In These Psychological Operations Originally Advertised As A Means To Stop Terrorism…Which It Hasn’t And Has Only Brought On Pain And Suffering To Average Citizens Of The Western World.

A Page From A GCHQ Top Secret Document Prepared By Its Secretive JTRIG Unit

A Page From A GCHQ Top Secret Document Prepared By Its Secretive JTRIG Unit

Other Tactics Aimed At Individuals Are Listed Here, Under The Revealing Title “Discredit A Target”:

Other Tactics Aimed At Individuals Are Listed Here, Under The Revealing Title “Discredit A Target”:

Discreditng An Individual Seems Like Tactic Used By Schoolyard Bullies Rather Than Fully Grown Adults

Discreditng An Individual Target Seems Like A Tactic Used By Schoolyard Bullies Rather Than Fully Grown Adults

Then There Are The Tactics Used To Destroy Companies The Agency Targets:

Then There Are The Tactics Used To Destroy Companies The Agency Targets:

GCHQ Describes The Purpose Of JTRIG In Starkly Clear Terms: “Using Online Techniques To Make Something Happen In The Real Or Cyber World,” Including “Information Ops (Influence Or Disruption).”

The GCHQ Describes The Purpose Of JTRIG In Starkly Clear Terms: “Using Online Techniques To Make Something Happen In The Real Or Cyber World,” Including “Information Ops (Influence Or Disruption).”

No Matter Your Views On Anonymous, “Hacktivists” Or Garden Variety Criminals, It Is Not Difficult To See How Dangerous It Is To Have Secret Government Agencies Being Able To Target Any Individuals They Want. Who Have Never Been Charged With, Let Alone Convicted Of, Any Crimes

No Matter Your Views On Anonymous, “Hacktivists” Or Garden Variety Criminals, It Is Not Difficult To See How Dangerous It Is To Have Secret Government Agencies Being Able To Target Any Individuals They Want. Who Have Never Been Charged With, Let Alone Convicted Of, Any Crimes

Human Science Operations Cell,” Devoted To “Online Human Intelligence” And “Strategic Influence And Disruption”

Human Science Operations Cell,” Devoted To “Online Human Intelligence” And “Strategic Influence And Disruption”





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Bitcloud: Distributed Autonomous Networks That’ll Replace Youtube, Facebook

The Bitcloud Protocol Is A Decentralized Application That Provides The Services Of Cloud Storage And Bandwidth Sharing. Users Will Interact With This Service In A Variety Of Different Ways, But The Main Idea Behind The Protocol Is That People Will Be Able To Store Data In The Cloud In A Way That Limits Censorship, Surveillance, And Centralization. Moderators And Nodes Are Providing A Service To Their Users, And They Need To Be Paid To Cover Their Costs. Cloudcoins Are The Currency Of The Bitcloud Protocol, Much Like Bitcoins Are The Currency Of The Bitcoin Protocol. You Need Bitcoins To Use The Bitcoin Payment System, And You Need Cloudcoins To Use Bitcloud In Certain Ways. For Example, Someone Who Wants To Advertise On A Public Video That Is Streamed From A Bitcloud Node Will Have To Pay For That Advertisement In Cloudcoins. Another Example Would Be Someone Who Wants To Pay For Personal Cloud Storage On The Bitcloud Network. By Monetizing The System, Nodes Can Get Paid For Their Willingness To Share Bandwidth, Provide Cloud Storage, And Allow For Direct Streaming To Stored Content. Adding The Profit Motive To The Equation Gives This Project A Chance To Succeed Where Many Others Have Failed In The Past. Donations Can Only Take You So Far When You Are Trying To Create Something Of This Magnitude.

The Internet As It Stands Now Is Pretty Messed Up And It’s Only Because Of Government Interventionist Policies Created In The Last Decade Due To The Acts And Threats Of Terrorism That Has Made Into An Orwellian Nightmare. Free Market Innovations Like Bitcloud Offer A Chance To Reverse The Damage Done By Government Interfering With The Current Internet Model. Decentralization Of Communications Internet Protocols Makes It Harder For Bureaucracies Like The NSA Or It’s Five Eyes Partners To Hack And Penetrate Networks Like Bitcloud. Although Their History Of Arrogance Has Shown That They Will Attempt To Hack Into The Network Anyways. Regardless Of How Decentralized And Encrypted Network Is Developed. So To Mitigate Risks From That Is To Create Similar Networks To The Point Were It Will Exhaust The Efforts And Resources The Governments Have To Watch, Stalk And Monitor Networks Like Bitcloud. In Other Words Run Government Spy Agencies In Circles, Kind Of Like A Dog Chasing It’s Tail.

Github: BitCloud

Main Url:

Dark Wallet – Taking Back Bitcoin From The State

Cody Wilson The Founder Of Defense Distributed Has Recently Launched A Project Called #DarkWallet Which Is Meant To Take The #Bitcoin Project Back To It’s Original Foundations As An Anarchist Currency Operating Within Darkest Corners Of Cyberspace. But Over The Last Two Years #Bitcoin Has Been Gaining Popularity In The Mainstream World As An Alternative To Over Inflated Fiat Currencies Like The United States Dollar, The Euro And Even The Relatively Stable Canadian Dollar. However There Has Been Some Negative Press About #Bitcoin As Of Late. Mainly Do With The Infamous Silk Road Website. Which All Of It’s Digital Assets Were Seized By The FBI And It’s Site Operator Facing Some Stiff Jail Time For Selling Drugs Using The Tor Anonymity Network To Operate The Underground Website. This Originally Left Supports (Like Myself) And Other Users Of Cryptocurrencies Skeptical That #Bitcoin Would Face A Regulatory Overhaul Via The State. That Being Said Cypherpunks And Cryptoanarchists Pulled Together To Take Back What Was Originally Supposed To Be An Underground Agorist Currency Separate From The Regulations Of The State.


The #DarkWallet Project Can Be Found Here > & Voluntary Donations Can Made Here >

CryptoParty Is Back

Just Recently Found Out That The Cryptoparty Project Is Back Up And Running. After Their Previous Wiki Was Taken Down Because Their Page  Apparently Contained “Spam” Which Isn’t True. It Seems Like Some Didn’t Like The Idea’s That We’re Being Openly Discussed And Used To Protect Individuals Privacy On The Internet. Some Cypherpunks And Crypto Anarchists Have Often Wondered If It Was In Fact The Handy Work Of The National Security Agency. Preventing People From Looking For Alternative Solutions To Protect Their Privacy In The Wake Of This Summer’s NSA Revelations Provided By Edward Snowden. Either Way The Community Pulled Themselves Back Together And Thankfully Kept Backups Of All The Information From The Previous Wiki.

That Being Said The Cryptoparty Handbook Was Also Recently Updated From The Previous Version 1.1 To 2013.08.31 Or At The End Of August. Links Below And Check Your Downloads Afterwards You Don’t Want To End Up With A Hefty Repair Bill


Read The Handbook Online

Download The Handbook

Please Download Once, It Saves On Bandwidth And The Cryptoparty Project Only Runs On Individual Donations (No Corporate Sponsors)

Or As A Minimal Text Version, Suitable For Reading Using Any Text Software (No Images): Handbook as plain text | plain text mirror | (0.4 MB)

Integrity: Just Be To Sure It Doesn’t Contain Trojans Or Malware (Especially For Those Who Use Microsoft, Apple Or Google Chrome)

To Ensure You Have Downloaded The Correct Files, You Should Always Check The Integrity Of Downloaded Files Using Commands Like sha256sum And Compare The Resulting Hashes Against Hashes Provided By Other Sources. So If You Spread The News About The Book, Please Spread The Hashes As Well! Hashes For Version 2013-08-21 (download):

cryptoparty-handbook-2013-08-21.epub 305055fce24180dfef4e530a0b73c8c598ce2667068f31fb1cc0dc3d4320ad5d 607453ed55ccddfd66bb175842f4d9499bb3ff7c17dab67cf70a67a934d4529a 281a1689d38f29bde24f2a0de71630a2ffdf925cf453f94622321fe156c7d1b1    
cryptoparty-handbook-2013-08-21.pdf c9299ab65fe3d959aa7d42bcbca0418dc6191d0e123b70799673df2aa0936c7b bba1b29e1dc34c2901633ab176d78449e6a2236cf686cd0a0c6e2db838c87eb4

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