The State is a monster


Voting Accomplishes Nothing, Fly The Black Flag And Don’t Look Back

Originally posted on On the Mark:

As I go through life, I continually meet people who are convinced that having a state (a monopoly government) in charge of everyone’s life is the only way that mankind can exist, or at least exist in a society. They agree with me that there are countless, literally countless, examples of the state, via its paid agents and minions, harming perfectly innocent people in various ways. I contend that the state is an attack on society and not the protector of society. I contend that the state is a monster.

Robert Higgs make makes a powerful argument for why the state is a monster:

Lest anyone protest that the state’s true “function” or “duty” or “end” is, as Locke, Madison, and countless others have argued, to protect individuals’ rights to life, liberty, and property, the evidence of history clearly shows that, as a rule, real states do not behave accordingly…

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If I End Up In Guantánamo I Can Live With That


Edward Snowden Gave A Recent Interview With The Guardian In Mid July. Unlike The Interviews Given By The Television Mainstream Media Which Only Offered Up A Biased Perspective That Mainstream Media Likes. Which Never Allowed Edward To Speak About What He Thinks About The Flawed Intelligence Community. Which To This Day Only Serves The A Small Tiny Liberal Elitist Class Of Oligarchies. Edward Doesn’t Seem To Concerned About Being Thrown Behind Bars, Just As Long As Personal Mission To Expose Violations Of Privacy Is Completed.

He’s Still A Personal Hero Of Mine, And Will Be For Years To Come, Regardless Of Negative Public Opinion

Tesla Cars, Space Technology, And BitTorrent: Why Monopolies Suck

By Rick Falkvinge | June 16, 2014 | Torrent Freak

This Week’s Most Exciting News In Technology Was Undoubtedly That Tesla Cars Declares That All Their Patent Monopolies Are Free For Anyone To Use. What Does It Mean? Let’s Compare To BitTorrent.

When Bram Cohen Created The BitTorrent Protocol, He Had The Legal Option Of Filing For A Patent Monopoly On Any Computer Program That Used This Protocol. (The Mere Existence Of Such An Option Is A Very Bad Thing, But We’ll Be Returning To That.) Mr. Cohen Chose To Not Monopolize The BitTorrent Protocol In That Way. Let’s Examine What Implications That Would Have Had For The Technology.

If The BitTorrent Technology Would Have Been Protected By Patent Monopolies, It Would Have Been Effectively Limited To Mr. Cohen’s Original BitTorrent Client. Have You Used That Client? Do You Know Anybody Who Has Used It? Didn’t Think So, And Neither Do I. Instead, There Is An Enormous Plethora Of Clients And Servers That Use The Protocol Today, And Mr. Cohen’s BitTorrent Inc. Is Valued At Eight-Digit Dollars. Not To Mention The Fact That BitTorrent Inc. Was Subsequently Able To Buy One Of The Most Prolific BitTorrent Clients Out There, µTorrent, Which Would Not Have Existed Had The Technology Been Monopolized In The First Place. I Think Most Of Us Have Used µTorrent – I Know I Have.

This Shows Exactly Why It Makes So Much Sense For Tesla Cars To Release All Of Their Patent Monopolies Into The Wild, And Why The Patent Monopoly System As Such Is Enormously Harmful (The Only Industry To Make A Net Profit From It Is The Pharma Industry, And That’s Because They’re Heavily Subsidized With Taxpayer Money). Tesla Cars Relinquishing Their Monopolies Means They See This Mechanism, And That They Realize They Need An Ecosystem To Flourish Around Their Technology – The Electric Car Technology – In Order To Remain Viable Themselves. Put Another Way, It’s Not About The Size Of The Pie Slice: Monopolies Are Preventing The Pie Itself From Growing Exponentially, As They Do With Any New Technology Poised To Disrupt The Old Ways.

Just Like BitTorrent

Patent Monopolies Are Far Worse Than The Copyright Monopolies We Deal With (And All Break) On A Daily Basis. Imagine For A Moment If Copyright Monopoly Vultures Didn’t Care If You Had Made An Actual Copy, That You Would Be Just As Guilty Of Infringement Even If You Had Never Seen Or Heard Of The Original? That’s How Patent Monopolies Work, And That’s The Key Difference Between Patent Monopolies And Copyright Monopolies: The Latter Protect A Specific Expression Against Copying, The Former Protect An Idea Or A Form From Being Utilized Anywhere, Even Independently. It’s Also Why Patent Monopolies Are Much, Much More Harmful Than Copyright Monopolies (And That’s Saying A Lot).

But As The Tesla Example Shows, Patent Monopolies Don’t Stop At Not Making Sense As A Whole. They Also Don’t Make Sense To A Single Company In Isolation, As They Prevent An Ecosystem Taking Shape. It’s One Of The Worst Cancers In The Economy, As Investors Describe Them Today.

It’s Easy To Argue That Patent Monopolies Don’t Hit Ordinary Families In The Same Way About To Change With 3D Printing, Where Rapid Fabrication Becomes Available To The Masses. It Is – Unfortunately – A Safe Prediction That People Will Soon Be Sued Out Of Their Homes Merely For Manufacturing Their Own Pair Of Slippers, Because It Violated A Design Patent Monopoly Somewhere. Such A Notion May Seem Ridiculous Today. Then Again, So Did Everything Else We’ve Seen With The Copyright Monopoly So Far, And Patent Monopolies Are Guarded Far More Harshly.

The BitTorrent Legacy Doesn’t Just Show Us How To Break The Copyright Monopoly In A Specific Case. It Gives Us A Blueprint For How To Disrupt The Old Ways In General By Ditching Legal Monopolies, A Blueprint That Tesla Cars Is Now Choosing To Follow.

The Patent Monopoly Wars Are Coming, Right On The Heels Of The Copyright Monopoly Wars, As Were They Merely A Logical Extension. That’s Why It’s So Encouraging To See Our Tip-Of-The-Spear Entrepreneurs Denouncing And Releasing Their Own Monopolies Right Ahead Of These Battles With Corporate Lawyers.

As A Final Note, It’s Noteworthy That Tesla Cars Isn’t The Only Company That Elon Musk Is Running. He’s Also At The Helm Of SpaceX. Space Technology Has Been Ridiculously Proprietary Up Until Now, Nothing Cooperating With Anything Else And Everything Being Custom-Built Single-Use. That’s Why It Makes Me Enormously Excited To See An Entrepreneur Who Understands The Damages Of Monopolies At The Forefront Of Space Technology Today.

It Holds A Promise Of Standardized, Interoperable Space Technology. As In, “For All Of Us”. Like BitTorrent.

Economics, As A Branch Of The More General Theory Of Human Action, Deals With All Human Action, i.e., With Mans Purposive Aiming At The Attainment Of Ends Chosen, Whatever These Ends May Be. ~ Ludwig Von Mises

Mans Striving After An Improvement Of The Conditions Of His Existence Impels Him To Action. Action Requires Planning And The Decision Which Of Various Plans Is The Most Advantageous. ~ Ludwig Von Mises

Underlying Most Arguments Against The Free Market Is A Lack Of Belief In Freedom Itself. ~ Milton Friedman

Government Is An Unnecessary Institution That Darkens This World

French Philosopher Pierre Joseph Proudhon Addressed The “People Versus Government” Problem. Because Clearly Government Only Serves It’s Own Best Interests.

To Be Governed Is To Be Watched, Inspected, Spied Upon, Directed, Law-Driven, Numbered, Regulated, Enrolled, Indoctrinated, Preached At, Controlled, Checked, Estimated, Valued, Censured, Commanded, By Creatures Who Have Neither The Right Nor The Wisdom Nor The Virtue To Do So. To Be Governed Is To Be At Every Operation, At Every Transaction Noted, Registered, Counted, Taxed, Stamped, Measured, Numbered, Assessed, Licensed, Authorized, Admonished, Prevented, Forbidden, Reformed, Corrected, Punished. It Is, Under Pretext Of Public Utility, And In The Name Of The General Interest, To Be Placed Under Contribution, Drilled, Fleeced, Exploited, Monopolized, Extorted From, Squeezed, Hoaxed, Robbed; Then, At The Slightest Resistance, The First Word Of Complaint, To Be Repressed, Fined, Vilified, Harassed, Hunted Down, Abused, Clubbed, Disarmed, Bound, Choked, Imprisoned, Judged, Condemned, Shot, Deported, Sacrificed, Sold, Betrayed; And To Crown All, Mocked, Ridiculed, Derided, Outraged, Dishonored. That Is Government; That Is Its Justice; That Is Its Morality.


The Law Is Another Institution Within Government That Claims To Protect “The People” Or It’s Subjects From Being Victimised By Criminals. However The Law In This Day And Age Has Proven Itself To Be A Total Farce. It’s Riddled With Contradictions And Immorality .

So What is Aggression anyway?


Using Violence As A Means To Systematically Control An Individual Is Morally Wrong

Originally posted on On the Mark:

At the heart of true libertarianism is the non-aggression principle. Throughout the ages mankind has expressed understanding of the idea that we should “live and let live” to the extent that we can do so. Around 300 BC Epicurus told us that “natural justice is a symbol or expression of usefulness, to prevent one person from harming or being harmed by another.”

“No one may threaten or commit violence (‘aggress’) against another man’s person or property. Violence may be employed only against the man who commits such violence; that is, only defensively against the aggressive violence of another. In short, no violence may be employed against a non-aggressor. Here is the fundamental rule from which can be deduced the entire corpus of libertarian theory.” ~Murray N, Rothbard

Walter Block once said that the difference between libertarians and most people who give lip service to the non-aggression axiom is that

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Custom Android Firmware For Your Phone Or Tablet PC

This Is A Long Overdue Post That Should Have Done Eons Ago. But Never Got Around To Doing It Simply Because Of My Skepticism Towards The Android Operating System Itself. I’ve Always Viewed Android As A Progressive Attempt To Suck People Into A Surveillance Dragnet. With It’s Shiny Features And Ease Of Use Makes It Easier For The Intelligence Community To Build Dossiers On Everyone. Which Is True Because Of The NSA Revelations That Were Released To The Public Domain In June Of Last Year. Showed Me That The NSA And There Five Eyes Allies Could In Fact Tap Into A Targets Smartphone Or Tablet PC With Little Resistance From The User Obviously Not Being Aware It Was Happening To Him Or Her.

Now With A Little Help From The Cypherpunk Community I’ve Managed To Work Out Some Interesting Modifications You Can Make To Your Android Smartphone With Some Custom Firmware Tweaks From Variety Of Independent Developers.


CyanogenMod Is An Open Source Operating System For Smartphones And Tablet Computers, Based On The Android Mobile Platform. It Is Developed As Free And Open Source Software Based On The Official Releases Of Android By Google, With Added Original And Third Party Code. CyanogenMod Releases Are Provided On A Nightly, Milestone, And “Stable Version” Schedule.

Soon After The Introduction Of The HTC Dream (Named The “T-Mobile G1″ In The United States) Mobile Phone In September 2008, A Method Was Discovered To Attain Privileged Control (Termed “Root Access“) Within Android’s Linux Based Subsystem. Having Root Access, Combined With The Open Source Nature Of The Android Operating System, Allowed The Phone’s Stock Firmware To Be Modified And Re-Installed Onto The Phone.


AOKP, Short For Android Open Kang Project, Is An Open Source Replacement Distribution For Smartphones And Tablet Computers Based On The Android Mobile Operating System. It Is Developed As Free And Open Source Software Based On The Official Releases Of Android Open Source Project By Google, With Added Original And Third Party Code.


Replicant Is A Free And Open Source Software Operating System Based On The Android Mobile Platform, Which Aims To Replace All Proprietary Android Components With Their Free Software Counterparts. It Is Available For Several Smartphones And Tablet Computers.

The Name Replicant Is Drawn From The Fictional Replicant Androids In The Blade Runner Movie.Replicant Is Sponsored And Supported By The Free Software Foundation.


F-Droid Is A Software Repository Or  App Store For Android Applications; It Functions Similarly To The Google Play Store, But Only Contains Free And Open Source Software. The Apps Can Be Browsed And Installed From The F-Droid Website Or Directly From The F-Droid Client App. Which is Not Available In The Google Play Store, But Can Be Installed By Sideloading. The F-Droid Client App Will Automatically Update Installed F-Droid Apps. The Website Also Offers The Source Code Of All Applications For Download.F-Droid Does Not Require Users To Register And Flags Up Applications That Contain “Anti-Features” Such As Advertising, User Tracking Or Dependence On Non-Free Software.The Software Running The F-Droid Server Is Free Software, Allowing Anybody To Set Up Their Own Android App Repository.


Helpful Links To Get You Start With Super Rooting And Flashing A New Custom ROM On Your Android Phone

Lifehacker: How To Flash A ROM To Your Android Phone


The Tor Project Blog: Hardening Android For Privacy And Security (Step By Step Details Of Super Rooting And Flashing Android Devices)

Happy Flashing



Crypto Currencies Are Changing The Traditional Methods Of Exchange

If Bitcoin Falls To Zero In Perceived Value Today Or Tomorrow, It Will Still Have Been A Smashing Success: Proof Of Concept That A Non-Government, Peer-To-Peer, Self-Organizing Currency With No Central Authority Can Be Done.

Yes, Some Speculators (“Buy Low, Sell High”) Have Been Hurt In The Ups And Downs Of Bitcoin As An “Investment.” On The Other Hand, Some Have Become Quite Wealthy. And Bitcoin Isn’t Supposed To BE An “Investment.” It’s Supposed To Be A Medium Of Exchange.

And Yes, Some People Who Have Treated Bitcoin As The Medium Of Exchange It’s Supposed To Be Have Been Hurt Also, In Two Ways. Government’s Have Stolen Significant Quantities Of Bitcoin From e.g. Silk Road Customers, And Hackers Have Also Stolen Quite A Bit. Yet For Some Reason I’m Missing The Breathless CNN Coverage Of How The Futures Of The U.S. Dollar (Which It’s Issuer, The U.S. Government, Steals Huge Stacks Of Via Taxation And Inflation) And Of Credit/Debit Cards (Bitcoin Theft Is Small Potatoes Compared To Card Fraud) Are “In Doubt.”

And Yes, Bitcoin Proper Could Fade Away Into Irrelevance As Better, Stronger, Sounder, More Easily Anonymized Crypto Currencies Replace It. Litecoin, Dogecoin, The Upcoming Zerocoin. I Can’t Even Begin To Predict Which Cryptocurrency Will Eventually Become “The Standard” Or One Of A Few “Most Trusted” Digital Media Of Exchange.

What I CAN Confidently Predict Is That Cryptocurrencies Are Here To Stay.

Why? Because They Work. They Serve Several Vital Functions: Not Just Protecting Their Users From Government And Private Thievery, But Also Making “Micropayments” — The Holy Grail Of Internet Commerce In Very Cheap Things — Feasible And Making Borders Economically Superfluous.

Oddly, The Mainstream Media Outlets Themselves Would Be Wise To Look Into Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies Instead Of Indulging Their State-Approved Chicken Little-ism. Newspapers Have Been Bellyaching For Years About How Hard The Internet Has Hit Their Bottom Lines. They’ve Already Turned To One “Aggregated Micropayment” Scheme (Sales Of Advertising At Very Low Per-Impression Or Per-Click Prices) For Partial Relief. Breaking Out Content For Micropayment In Cryptocurrencies, Instead Of Erecting High-Dollar-Threshold “Paywalls” That Few People Are Willing To Climb Might Be The Logical Next Step In Their Economic Recovery Plans.

The Only Entities And Organizations With Anything To Fear From Bitcoin And It’s Offspring Are Governments (Which Rely On The Ability To Tax) And The Political Class (Including Pseudo-”Private” Parasites Who Make Their Livings Sucking Off The Tax Teat). And They SHOULD Be Afraid. Their Day Is Coming To An End.

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