VPN + Tor + WRT = More Headaches For The Intelligence Community

vpn + tor

It’s Looks Complicated But It’s Really Not That Hard Considering The Numerous Amounts Of Tutorials On The Net These Days When It Comes Setting Up A VPN Network On Your PC, Tablet Or Smartphone. In Which Case I Will Provide Links Below For Windows, OSX And Linux Users On How To Do That. As For Tor, There’s A Number Of Options Available To Connect The Network The First Method Is The Tor Browser Bundle. However I Don’t Recommend Using That Method, Seeing As The Program Files Are Stored On A Hard Drive. Which Can Leave Digital Fingerprints Behind, Even After The Program Files Are Deleted. The Second Method That I Personally Like To Use Is The Tails Incognito Linux Live Distribution That Only Runs Exclusively On The Ram Disk. Which Will Wipe Any Trace Of Your Activity Soon After You Restart Or Turn Off Your Computer. The Third Method Which Works Well With Android Modeled Tablet’s And Smartphones, Not Apple IPhones Or Windows Smartphones. For The Best Results Of Using Tor On Android Tablet’s Or Smartphones Is To First Root Both Devices (That’s If You Own Two Devices). Then The Next Step After Rooting Is To Flash Custom Firmware To Your Device(s). Keep In Mind That When You Do This, It Automatically Voids The Warranty On Your Device(s).

Now Lets Throw In The VPN, Tor And WRT Tutorial Links To Make Your Web Browsing Experience Slightly Less Intrusive. Although The NSA Or Other Alphabet Intelligence Agencies Are Currently Trying Or Have Broken Some VPN’s Services Currently On The Open Market. So Make Sure To Do Your Research First Before You Start Signing Up For VPN Services.

Connecting Windows & Mac OSX To The Tor Network

Connecting Debian Linux Based Distributions To The Tor Network

Connecting Red Hat & Suse Linux Based Distributions To The Tor Network

Connecting Android To The Tor Network

Downloading, Burning & Using Tails Amnesic Incognito Live System


 Installing & Using A VPN On Windows & Mac OSX

Installing & Using A VPN On Linux Or BSD

This Might Get A Little Tricky When Trying To Use Tails Linux And Connecting To A VPN At The Same Time. Which Is Next To Impossible According To The Searches I’ve Done With Regards To Tails And VPN’s. It Seems That The Development Team Discourages The Pratice, Seeing As It May Pose As A Massive Security Issue During The Live Session. You Can Try Working Around It, But Just Remember That You Might Become A Bigger Target To Watchful Eyes.

There Is However Another Option To Consider If You Want To Use Tails Linux And A VPN At The Same Time. This Means Flashing Your Current Or New Wifi Router With Either DD-WRT, OpenWRT Or LibreWRT Firmware. Then Configuring The Flashed Router With A VPN (Links On How To Do This Will Be Posted Below). This Provides You With An Encrypted Router, The Privacy Of A VPN And To Top It Off With The Anonymity Of The Tor Network. This Can Be Also Be Used With The Tor Browser Bundle And Your Rooted Custom Firmware Android Tablet Or Smartphone With Orbot Installed. As Long As Your Connect To The Flashed And Encrypted Wifi Router Within Your Own Home.

Save, Create And Run Your Own Pirate Bay


Back In December 2014 The Pirate Bay Was Forced To Permanently Shut Down It’s Operations Due To A Heavy Handed Police Raid On Their Central Servers In Stockholm, Sweden. Since The Raid Plans Were Devised To Bring Back The Pirate Bay. However The Comeback Would Be Focused On A Decentralized Network Of Pirate Bay Clones. Rather Than A Centralized Operation As It Was Before, Which Made It More Susceptible To Regal (Ahem Legal) Action Mainly From The Likes Of The MPAA And RIAA.


Instead Of Having Centralized Servers That Can Be Located And Shutdown At The Whim Of The Authoritarian State. The TPB Crew Took It Upon Themselves To Launch The Pirate Bay Source Code And Made It Open Source In The Hopes That Some Tech Savvy Individuals Would Carry On The Pirate Bay Tradition. It’s Similar To A Post I Published A Few Weeks Ago About Hosting Your Own Private Cloud Server. Which The Control Of Information Remains In The Hands Of The Individual Users And Not At The Whim Of Some Large Corporations Or Self Serving Government Entities.

The Answer Is Open Source

The Open Bay



Linux Distributions For Beginners

Whenever You Decide To Switch Over To Linux At Some Point. Just Remember That Ubuntu And It’s Clone Distributions Are Very Unsecure And Contains Malware, Spyware & Software Backdoors.

There Are Many Linux Distributions For Beginners Out There On The Open Internet But In This Case I’ve Narrowed Down Some Reasonable Easy To Use Distributions. For People Who Want To Transition From Windows 8.1 Or OSX Yosemite And For Those Who Want General Purpose Computing But Don’t Have The Financial Resources To Afford It (Aka Students Etc).

korora linuxrobolinux


Why You Want To Use Open Source Software

Originally posted on Privacy Blog:

Software developed by corporations is usually the property of the company that produces it. Those companies usually keep the source code secret, considering it to be trade secrets. However, this proprietary software also means the producing company can easily insert malicious code or secretly collect information about the user and, even worse, allow others to see that information.

One example is Skype, a company acquired by Microsoft. Recent documents released by Edward Snowden show that Skype, and now Microsoft, has been under order from the secret US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) since February 2011 to not only supply information to the NSA but also to make itself accessible as a source of data for the agency. In other words, whatever conversations you have over Skype are accessible to the NSA. That agency has also been known to share all sorts of information with the FBI, other law enforcement agencies…

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Self Hosting Your Own Cloud Server


Given How Widely Used Cloud Computing Has Become Over The Last Five Years. It Would Make Sense That The Companies Doing This Kind Of Business Are Keeping Your Private Data Safe. However Evidence Presented By NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden Paints A Slightly Different Picture Of What Cloud Companies Are Really Doing With Your Private Data.

If That’s The Case, Then Maybe It’s Time To Consider Some Alternatives Like Self Hosting Your Own Private Data, On Your Own Private Server, In Your Own Home Which Is Technically On Your Own Private Property And Not Somewhere Else. Also Just To Clarify Your Don’t Need To Go Out And Buy A Server To Do This. All You Really Need Is A Used Desktop Computer Or A Barebones PC Kit That You Can Build Yourself. Just Make Sure That It Has More Than One Terabyte Of Hard Drive Space And If You Require More Storage Space. There’s Always Places That Sell Internal Hard Drives For A Good Price, Just Try To Avoid Using External Hard Drives.

The Best Operating Systems To Use For Your Privately Owned Cloud Server Is Linux. Preferably Debian, Fedora Or Open Suse All Of Which Doesn’t Cost You Any Money, It’s All Free And Open Source Software. Which Saves You From Having To Use The Over Priced Window Server Operating System. Which Is Also Very Insecure And Doesn’t Guarantee That You’ll Have Complete Privacy Over Your Own Data Even If It’s On Your Own Private Server.


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Shut Up, Officer

With The Increasing Number Of Ambush Style Attacks Against Our Officers, I Am Deeply Concerned That A Growing Anti Government Sentiment In America Is Influencing Weak Minded Individuals To Launch Violent Assaults Against The Men And Women Working To Enforce Our Laws And Keep Our Nation Safe,” Said Craig Floyd, Chairman And CEO Of The Memorial Fund.

“Enough Is Enough,” He Said In A Statement. “We Need To Tone Down The Rhetoric And Rally In Support Of Law Enforcement And Against Lawlessness.”

Bite Me Craig.

Here Are The Facts.  There Were 126 On-Duty Deaths Reported Among All Officers In 2014.  There Are Approximately 1 Million Sworn Officers Between Federal, State, County And Local Government Entities (And Another Couple Of Million Employees Who Are Not Sworn; That Is, They Are Not Officers And Do Not Have Arrest Powers, Such As Dispatchers And Clerks.)

This Is A Rate Of Fatality Of 12.6 Per 100,000.  Sounds Bad, Right?


If You’re A Logger, You Have A Fatality Rate Ten Times That Of A Cop.

A Fisherman?  Almost Time Times — 117 per 100,000.

A Pilot?  53.4 per 100,000.  Yes, Really — It’s About Four Times As Dangerous To Fly A Plane Or Chopper Than Be A Cop.

The Guy Who Puts Your Roof On?  40.5 Per 100,000 — About Three Times As Dangerous.

How About Iron Workers — You Know, The Guys Who Put Up The Buildings You Work In?  Yeah, Those Dudes.  Three Times The Risk Of A Cop In Dying, Mostly From Falls, Being Crushed By Heavy Materials Or Welding Accidents.

Your Garbage Man Has A Risk Of Death Twice That Of A Cop.  Why?  He Gets Hit By Cars Or Crushed By Heavy Equipment (Yes, It Would Suck To Get Caught In That Trash Compactor In The Garbage Truck!)

How About The Lineman That Repairs Your Power Lines?  Slightly Less Than Double The Risk Of A Cop, And Of Course The Means By Which They Die Are Falls And Electrocution, Mostly.

Truck Drivers?  Close To Double The Risk, Most From Traffic Accidents.

Farmers?  Same Risk, Roughly; Getting Caught In A Combine Is A Shitty Way To Die.

Or You Could Just Be A Construction Laborer.  Your Risk In That Profession Is Materially Higher Than That Of A Cop (17.3 .vs. 12.6) As Well But Nobody Cheers For You.  Never Mind That Without Said Laborers You Wouldn’t Have A House Or An Office To Work In.

So Let’s Cut The Crap, Eh?  Being A Cop Isn’t Particularly Dangerous As Occupations Go.

Sworn Officers Are In Fact Officers Of The Court.  Lying Is Unacceptable Among Both Them And Any Organization That Represents Them.  That Means This Butt-Clown As Well As The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association In NYC And Patrick Lynch, Their President.  Pathological Liars Are Worthy Of The Middle Finger, Not Respect, No Matter Who They Are.

Further, These Organizations Are Not Going To Get Any Sympathy From Me As Long As We Have Cops Arresting Anyone For “DUI” When They Choose To Sleep Off Their Alcohol In A Parking Lot Rather Than Drive, Nor Are You Going To Get To Claim “Valor” Without A Loud Pushback From People Like Myself As Long As There Is Even One Cop Who Reaches A Settlement For His Alleged Attempt To Create Pornography With The Intended Target Being Solicited As A Means To Void An Alcohol Possession Citation.  That’s Official Corruption And If I Pulled Something Like That I’d Be Prosecuted Instead Of Being Able To Slough Off The “Settlement” On The Taxpayers Of The Town.

Then There’s This Sort Of Corruption:

It’s Not A Slowdown — It’s A Virtual Work Stoppage.

NYPD Traffic Tickets And Summonses For Minor Offenses Have Dropped Off By A Staggering 94 Percent Following The Execution Of Two Cops — As Officers Feel Betrayed By The Mayor And Fear For Their Safety, The Post Has Learned.

So Either 94% Of The Stops And Summonses Were Never Justified In The First Place, In Which Case The Entire NYPD Is Nothing More Than A Band Of Felons Committing Armed Robbery By The Tens Of Thousands A Week Or This “Action” Constitutes Acting As An Accessory To Crime After The Fact.

Either Way These Are Not Cops They’re Crooks.  In Either Case Every Single One Of These “Officers” Deserves To Be Arrested And Thrown Into Prison For Decades; Odds Are It’s The First Of The Two Possibilities, By The Way, Which Means That This “Action” Is As Close As You’re Going To Get To An Admission Of Tens Of Thousands Of Armed Robberies Committed By The Cops Each And Every Week.

If Law Enforcement Officers Want Respect They Can Start By Deserving It And That Means Cutting The Crap — Including False Claims Of “Outrageously Dangerous” Working Conditions That In Fact Are Less Hazardous On A Statistical Basis Than The Guy Who Picks My Household Trash, An Immediate And Complete Cessation Of False Arrests On Bogus Charges And Full Prosecution Of Each And Every Member Of Such An Agency Who Is Alleged To Have Abused Someone In The Line Of Their Duties.

Let Me Know When That Happens And At That Point My Middle Finger Will Be Retracted — But Not One Second Before.

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