Hacker Lexicon: What Is End To End Encryption?

For Most Folks Who Aren’t Very Tech Savvy End To End Encryption Isn’t A New Technology. It’s Been Around For Quite Sometime Since At Least Since The Early Nineties. It’s One Thing To Able To Use Casually On Your Desktop, Laptop, Netbook, Tablet Or Smartphone. But It Is Quite Another Thing Trying To Code Into Appliances, Software And Even Firmware.

End-To-End Encryption Is A System Of Communication Where The Only People Who Can Read The Messages Are The People Communicating. No Eavesdropper Can Access The Cryptographic Keys Needed To Decrypt The Conversation—Not Even A Company That Runs The Messaging Service.

Wired Has A Pretty Easy Explanation Found Here

The State Has Become Our God

It’s Becoming More And More Obvious That The State Or As It’s Referred To In General Society As The Government. Has Literally Misshapen Everyone’s Lives In One Way Or Another. It Has Stolen The Essence Of Life Itself And Transformed Into A Neatly Packed, Centralized System. That Seeks To Control Every Outcome Of Every Individual That Lives Within It.

In Other Words It Has Made So Impossible For Anyone To Live Freely To The Point Of Being…….

Watched, Inspected, Spied Upon, Directed, Law-Driven, Numbered, Regulated, Enrolled, Indoctrinated, Preached At, Controlled, Checked, Estimated, Valued, Censured, Commanded, By Creatures Who Have Neither The Right Nor The Wisdom Nor The Virtue To Do So. To Be Governed Is To Be At Every Operation, At Every Transaction Noted, Registered, Counted, Taxed, Stamped, Measured, Numbered, Assessed, Licensed, Authorized, Admonished, Prevented, Forbidden, Reformed, Corrected, Punished. It Is, Under Pretext Of Public Utility, And In The Name Of The General Interest, To Be Placed Under Contribution, Drilled, Fleeced, Exploited, Monopolized, Extorted From, Squeezed, Hoaxed, Robbed; Then, At The Slightest Resistance, The First Word Of Complaint, To Be Repressed, Fined, Vilified, Harassed, Hunted Down, Abused, Clubbed, Disarmed, Bound, Choked, Imprisoned, Judged, Condemned, Shot, Deported, Sacrificed, Sold, Betrayed; And To Crown All, Mocked, Ridiculed, Derided, Outraged, Dishonored. That Is Government; That Is Its Justice; That Is Its Morality And That Is The State In A Nutshell.

Time To Wake Up Pancakes


Bitcoin Is Better Than Western Union

bitcoin is better


Western Union Is Somewhat Of A Joke These Days. It’s Monopoly On Money Transfers Services Which Goes Back To The Days When Telegraphs Were A Popular Form Of Communication. Is Now Becoming More Irrelevent With Each Passing Day. Due To The Widespread Technologies That Supersede It, Like The Internet For Example Has Revolutionized Communications Since The Days Of The Telegraph. So Now Bitcoin Comes Along And Has Eliminated The Need For Such Services To Exist. Because For One It Removes The Middle Man, Which Is Companies Like Western Union, Moneygram Or Even The Traditional Banking System And Two It Has Put The Power Of Controlling Money Back Into The People’s Hands Once Again. Not At The Behest Of Some Megalomaniacs Who Rip People Off When The Opportunity Arises.

Also You Don’t Necessarily Have To Send You Money Through Just Bitcoin, There’s Over 100 Different Varieties Of Crypto Coins Out There. Just Take A Peek At The Crypto Coin Programs I’ve Researched Listed Under Counter Economics On The Side Bar.

Did the NSA Invent Bitcoins in 1996?

Originally posted on Privacy Blog:

The NSA didn’t invent the name “bitcoin” but it was one of the first organizations to describe a Bitcoin-like system.

In 1996, the intelligence organization published a paper titled, How to Make a Mint: the Cryptography of Anonymous Electronic Cash. The proposed system would work very much like Bitcoin, establishing a secure and distributed system for financial transactions. Almost a decade later, someone using the name Satoshi Nakamoto published a Bitcoin white paper on the Metzdowd.com cryptography mailing list. Interestingly, Bitcoin uses the SHA-256 hashing algorithm, one created by the NSA.

You can read more at https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/nsa-bitcoin-1996.

Was Satoshi Nakamoto an NSA worker?

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TOX: an Encrypted Skype Replacement

Originally posted on Privacy Blog:

Skype has long been a very popular method of making voice and video calls around the world. The service originally started as a method of making voice calls from one computer to another computer anywhere in the world, at no cost. As the service grew in popularity, many more features were added: the ability to call regular telephone numbers anywhere in the world (for a fee), the addition of two-way video calls, conference calls, instant messaging, file transfers, and more.

One the major advantages of Skype has always been that voice calls were encrypted. Years ago, the Skype web pages declared, “highly secure with end-to-end encryption”. Security services were invisible to the user, and encryption could not be disabled. Many users trusted Skype to keep their private calls just that: private.

Eventually, Skype’s encryption was broken. Law enforcement agencies and others started recording Skype conversations. Around the same time, Skype…

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Encrypt Your Flash Drives Using Debian Or Ubuntu Linux

Protect Your Flash Drives Via An Encryption Program Called Cryptsetup With Debian Or Ubuntu. The Purpose Of Encryption Is To Secure That Data Contained Within It. If You Encrypt Your Flash Drive And You Misplace Your USB Drive Or It Gets Stolen Than There’s Is No Need To Be Concerned About Your Data Falling Into The Wrong Hands. To Access The Data Of Flash You Must Enter A Password Which Is Set On The Time Of Encryption Data. This Is The Easiest Way To Secure Your Flash Drive On Debian Or Ubuntu Linux.

*Please Note That This Program Only Works With Debian Or Ubuntu Linux And Not Mac OSX Or Windows*

To Install Open Terminal (Press Ctrl+Alt+T) And Copy The Following Commands In The Terminal:

sudo apt-get install cryptsetup

After Installation, Follow The Steps Below:

Open “Disk Utility” Go To Dash Or (Press Alt+F2 And Type “palimpsest“) To Start Disk Utility

1. First Unmount The Flash Drive:


2. Then Format The Volume:

cryptsetup 2

cryptsetup 3

3. Set The Password

cryptsetup 4


The Basis For Crypto Anarchy

With Crypto Anarchy The Government Is Not Temporarily Destroyed But Permanently Forbidden And Permanently Unnecessary. It Is A Community Where The Threat Of Violence Is Impotent Because Violence Is Impossible, And Violence Is Impossible Because It’s Participants Cannot Be Linked To Their True Names Or Physical Locations.

The Same Ideals Can Be Applied When It Comes To Such Technologies Like Crypto Currencies As Along As It Remains Behind Several Layers Of Encrypted Algorithms. I Still Don’t Trust The Use Of  Crypto Currencies On Such Devices Like Smart Phones Or Tablets. Even If The Local Default Encryption Standard Is Applied. Transactions Can Still Be Tracked And Intercepted By Third Parties (i.e. The NSA, Private Contractors) Even If The Individual Programmers Install Further Encrypted Safeguards.

Encryption Is Freedom



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